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Photos of KSHE DJs

This page contains photos of KSHE DJs. Thanks to the folks who sent them.

The DJs of KSHE in 1969

Steve Rosen - back in the day and as he looks today

Don Corey's ID Badge

John Ulett AKA The U-Man

Katy Kruze

Radio Rich Dalton

Mark Klose

Drew Johnson

J.C. Corcoran

J.C. and the Uman - back in the day and as they look today

Ken Suitter

The Gatekeeper

Ruth - the world's oldest DJ and original host of the KSHE Klassics Show.

The 1982 KSHE Reunion

The Berlin Wall with KSHE logo

Drag Wagon with KSHE logo

If you have photos of a KSHE DJ, please e-mail.

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