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Listing of KSHE DJs

This is a list of former and current KSHE DJs along with a few comments about each. This list was composed from the memories of a couple of long time KSHE listeners. Unfortunately, we lost some brain cells along the way and can't remember all of them. So, if you know of a KSHE DJ not on the list, please e-mail.

Prince Knight - One of the original KSHE DJs from the late sixties.

Ron Elz AKA Johnny Rabbit - Another of the original KSHE DJs from the late sixties.

Shelley Graham - Shelly worked occasional air shifts and filled in for other DJs when necessary. Shelly was actually Shelly Grafman, owner and manager of KSHE. Shelly passed away several years ago.

Don Corey - Don was the overnight DJ in the early seventies. He also moved to the evening shift from 7 - midnight.

Dick Merkle- Dick was the overnight DJ in the early seventies after Don moved to evenings.

John Williams- John was the morning DJ from 6 - 10 AM in the early seventies (1970-1971).

Jack Silver-

Pete Maer- Peter Maer was one of the very early KSHE DJ's. He grew up in Granite City, IL and graduated from SIU. He now works as the White House Corresponant for CBS Radio News.

He had the following to say about his time at KSHE: "I have many fond memories of working at KSHE from approx 1967-70. When I started, the station was still playing the typical FM music of the era, lots of "covers" of rock tunes by orchestras, singers etc. Unlike today's immediate format changes, the switch to rock was gradual. Then one day people tuning in to KSHE awoke to Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and others. I'm not sure where the station is located now but back then it was tucked down a hill adjacent to the Crestwood Drive-In theater. I mostly worked overnight and weekend shifts. While I was a D-J, my real interest was always news. We had an AP ticker in the transmitter room. I spent a lot of time during long record cuts, reading stories as they came across the wire."

Steve Rosen- Steve was another of the DJs from the early days with KSHE from 1968 - 1974. I recently heard from Steve and he had this to say - "I worked at KSHE during the very early days. I started in late 1968 when I was 18, and left in about 1974 or 1975. I worked with many of the original staff, and started on the1am to 5am slot. I was moved to the 9pm to 1am slot, where I stayed for a long time. Most of my air shifts were during the evening and weekend. I remember so many memories, and can't believe it has been 35 years. I have lived in Oklahoma City for the past 22 years, and am now a marketing manager for a large document handling CO.

I have been married for 28 years and have 3 kids that are all grown. I have a few classic pictures from my days at KSHE, one is all of the original announcers along with Shelly Grafman outside the studios. If you know of any old pictures or air checks please let me know, I would really like to find some."

Sir Ed - For several years in the late sixties and early seventies, Sir Ed (Ricketts) was KSHE's morning man from 6AM - 10AM. This was prior to the days of morning talk radio teams on FM rock stations. Sir Ed also did the afternoon shift on Sundays from noon to 5PM. He was a great DJ and a nice guy since he always played listener requests.

David Rhodes - Most listeners will remember David by his distinctive English accent. One of the first DJs on KSHE to utter the "F word" live on the air.

Bob Burch - In the early seventies, Bob worked the evening shift from 8PM - midnight. In the mid- seventies, he worked afternoons from 11AM - 3PM. He had a real smooth voice and played a lot of jazz rock songs. On Friday evenings at 8PM it was the album of the week which featured a new release played in its entireity. Remember "If you're recording, starts your machines now." One other little know fact about Bob - he graduated from Ladue High School in 1967. Bob is still in the radio business as a consultant in San Diego, California.

Ron Stevens - In the early to mid-seventies, Ron did afternoons from 3PM - 7PM. At 6PM each evening, he did two different segments in his show. On Mondays and Wednesdays, it was a side from an album. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it was "Hands Across The Water", featuring a band from England or Europe. Ron and his wife Joy still live in St. Louis, Missouri and run a radio syndication company - All Star Radio - which syndicates comedy to overf 700 radio stations.
I recently heard from Ron and he filled in some gaps on this page.

Joy Gridnic - After Sir Ed left KSHE, Joy was the morning DJ. She went by the name "Joy in the Morning". She was only seventeen when she started working on the air at KSHE. Several years later, she married Ron Stevens. Ron and his wife Joy still live in St. Louis, Missouri and run a radio syndication company.

Mark Klose - Mark was another morning man for KSHE in the seventies. Mark still lives in St. Louis, Missouri and is on the air at KHITS96.

Sam Kaiser- Sam worked Mid-days, overnights & weekends at KSHE for a short time during 1974-75. Most of Sam's rock radio on-air time was mornings 5a-10a at KADI from 1972-1974.

I recently heard from Sam and he shared the following -

"Mark Klose and I were roomates....Jim Singer and I always found ways to get in trouble (particularly when we agreed to meet girls recommended by Don Corey. (Great guy, horrible taste!) I still speak, on occasion, with Klose, Singer, Steve Rosen, Ted Habeck, Dick Merkle, Rick Balis....

R.I.P. our departed brothers......Prince Knight, Tom Gordon, Peter E. Parisi, Gary Brown and the one and only Shelley Grafman.

I left radio and entered the music business in 1976. Interesting times including.....VP Promotion/Atlantic Records, VP Programming/MTV Networks, Sr. VP Uni/MCA Records.

I have had my own music consulting and artist management firm since 1991. (MVP Entertainment)

I miss the "good old days", that's for sure. Real people and REAL radio....not this canned bullshit passed off by the large conglomerates."

Sam Kaiser Santa Barbara, California

Rich Dalton - Everyone remembers Rich Dalton by his on air name "Radio Rich." Rich was the evening DJ from 7PM to midnight for many years. He was also the KSHE Klassics host throughout the eighties. Rich still lives in St. Louis, Missouri and has his own website featuring KSHE Klassics.

Radio Rich is now back on KSHE Sunday evening from 7:00 - midnight hosting the Seventh Day.

Tom Gordon- Tom worked mid-days and evening in the seventies. He passed away several years ago.

Lou Goad- Lou Ghoad was on KSHE in the early 70s - not sure of the exact years, but I would guess 1970 - 1973. Lou left the radio business as it began to become more corporate oriented. I just received word that Lou Ghoad, passed away unexpectedly the week of April 2, 2007.

Gordon Atkins - Gordon still works for KSHE in the sales department.

Ted Habeck - Ted was with KSHE in the seventies and worked various air shifts. He still lives in St. Louis, Missouri and occasionally hosts the KSHE Klassics show on Sunday mornings.

Rick Balis - Rick joined the station as a DJ in 1976. He is currently the Program Director for the station.

John Ulett AKA The U-Man- John began working for KSHE in 1976 and is still there today. So, that means he has been there for 25+ years. He is currently the host for the KSHE Klassics show each Sunday morning.
Yes it is true - The U-Man is once again partners with J.C. Corcoran on a morning show on KHITS 96.3 in St. Louis, Missouri that began on Monday September 16,2002 from 6:00 - 9:00 AM.

Al Hofer - Al joined KSHE in 1982 and was with KSHE for 20 years. As of March 1, 2001 he was let go from the station.

Randy Raley - Randy was with KSHE during the eighties and early nineties. Each weekday he did "Floyd at Four" and "The Daily Dose of Led Zeppelin". Beginning in 1985, he did "The Afternoon Beatles" at 4pm. He recently moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he is on the air.

Ruth Hutchinson - Ruth was the 80 year old grandmother who was the original host of the KSHE Klassics show in the early eighties.

Ken Suitter - Ken worked on the air at KSHE from 1977 to 1982, then again from 84 to 85. He currently lives in St. Charles, Missouri. He now owns a mobile DJ company A Sound Investment. Ken also owns, manages, develops and hosts web sites including and and

John Sutherland - John worked weekends in the early 80s.

Gary Kolander - After KSHE, Gary Kolander was on St Louis radio station KEZK 102.5 doing a soft rock request show in the evening (8:00pm to midnight) called "Pillow Talk." It ran from the early to mid eighties.

Jim Singer - Jim primarily worked the overnight shift - midnight to 6 AM - through most of the seventies. In the 80s, he was KSHE's production director. Jim still lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Thumbs - the traffic reporter - "Thumbs" rode around on his bicycle and phoned in humorous traffic reports during rush hour. His real name was Tony Roldan and he's still in St. Louis - owns an export business.

Drew Johnson - Drew Johnson is back at Emmis after a long absence. He is a production manager for Emmis St. Louis.

Vince Richards - Vince Richards is now the Program Director of KQRC, a rock station in Kansas City.

Gary Bennett - Gary made is on air debut in 1968. He originally did "Feats at Five" and it was a Saturday afternoon feature followed by "The Dead End", a Gratefull Dead set at 6.

J.C. Corcoran - J.C. was the morning host for KSHE during the mid-eighties with his show, "The Morning Zoo." He had several different co-hosts including John Ulett and Joe Mason. J.C. is still lives in the St. Louis area, but is not currently on the air.
Yes J.C. has returned to the St. Louis airwaves with his old partner - John Ulett at KHITS 96.3 on Monday September 16th 2002 from 6:00 - 9:00 AM.

Don Johnson (not to be confused with Drew Johnson) was on KSHE on the morning show from the 1985 - around 1990. "DJ", as he was known, holds the distinction of being the only black man to host a morning show on a St. Louis classic rock radio station.

Joe "Mama" Mason - Joe worked for KSHE during the early to mid-eighties.

I recently heard from Joe Mason and he filled me in on his career at KSHE and what he is doing today.

Joe owns his own company Illustrated Man, which is an advertising/marketing agency.

Joe worked at KSHE from 1979-1987 and was on the air evenings 6:00PM - 10:00 PM. During this time he did "Celebrity Chat" (where he called people unfortunate enough to have famous names and interviewed them as if they were "real" celebs) and other humorous bits.

He now directs television and animation and has won dozens of national awards for work he produced for the Travel Channel, the Rams, Disney Channel, the X-Files and the Muny. In fact, he has been and remains the "voice" of the Muny, appearing on all of their television and radio commercials.

He said "thanks" for keeping the memories alive of the old KSHE.

Joel Meyers - Joel worked for KSHE during the early eighties. He is currently with ESPN.

Ashley Knight

Smash - Smash was the morning DJ in the late eighties. A couple of little known facts about Smash: He was in the band Roadmaster in the late seventies and was on one album with them. His real name is Asher Benrubi. He is currently the morning host on KLOU.

Ron Buttery- Ron was Smash's original partner when Smash first started hosting the morning show at KSHE.

The Bird - The Bird was the morning DJ in the early nineties after Smash.

Favazz - He recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary with KSHE! Congrats to him. He currently works afternoon drive 3-7 Monday thru Friday and 10 - 2 Saturday. He can usually be found at any sporting event or at a bar checking out his buddies from the bands Stir or Mesh.

Steve "The Gatekeeper" Hammond - Steve is the lead singer/guitarist for his band "Typhiod Mary". However, he is no longer with KSHE radio. For more information about The Gatekeeper, visit his website at The Gatekeeper Website

Michelle Holliday - Michelle is no longer on KSHE radio. She is currently doing the mid-day shift on WMLL.

Nick Bacott - Nick works various shifts, filling in when needed on the weekend.

Nikki Tyler - I recently received an e-mail from Nikki. She wrote "I was just surfing your classic rock page under the KSHE DJ's (wow didn't realize how many there were). She was let go from KSHE in April 2002.

Dave West - I recently received an e-mail from Dave and he wrote "Just wanted to say that your web site is very informative, ez to follow and very enjoyable. It's nice to see someone devote so much time to something that interests them and do it well!" He works part-time on the weekends.

The Shirt - The Shirt was the host of The Seventh Day each Sunday night from 7 - midnight. On March 1, 2001 The Shirt was let go from KSHE.

K.C. Clarke - K.C. was the overnight host from midnight - 6 am. On March 1, 2001 K.C. was let go from KSHE.

Katy Kruze - Katy has been referred to as the sexiest jock in St. Louis. She works 6 to midnight week nights and 2 - 7 on weekend afternoons.

Tommy T. - Tommy currently works the overnight shift - midnight to 5 AM weekdays.

Curt Allen - Curt works part-time on the weekends.

More coming soon.....

One other the present time, many of the KSHE DJs currently do voice tracking and are not on the air "live" during their particular air shifts. We won't say which ones...see if you can figure it out.

Editorial Comment: This is not intended to be a slam against KSHE or any other stations. But, technology (voice tracking) is not such a wonderful thing. If any of you used to watch the TV show WKRP, there was one episode where Venus went to another station to be the Program Director. Once he got to the station, he found out there were no "live" on air personalities. Eveything was pre-recorded and pre-programmed with a computer that ran the station. This is essentially what is happening today at many radio stations owned by large corporations. We remember listening to KSHE and other stations many years ago where the DJs were responsible for the music that was put on the air. If a DJ felt like playing three tracks in a row from the new Doors album or even an entire album side, it was okay. Today, there is very little "personality" in radio. Much of what a listener hears is programmed and determined by a group not even in the local listening area. Thank goodness for the KSHE Klassics show which is an obvious exception to this. Sometimes the DJs are voice tracked and they are not local talent either. In the words of Pavlov's Dog - "Bring back the good old days..."

Thoughts, comments, alternate view points, post them here.

If you know of a KSHE DJ not on the list, please e-mail. Also, if you know what any of the former DJs are doing today, please let us know. Your input will be appreciated.

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